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What benefits does it give us to perform a stress test with respiratory gas analysis?

Benefits of Ergometry with Respiratory Gas Analysis:

  1. Accurate Assessment of Cardiorespiratory Performance:

  • Accurately measures aerobic capacity (VO2 max) and anaerobic threshold.

  • Provides detailed information on oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production during exercise.

  1. Diagnosis and Monitoring of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases:

  • Identify possible heart diseases, arrhythmias and respiratory limitations.

  • It helps monitor the effectiveness of treatment and the progression of these diseases.

  1. Optimization of Sports Training:

  • Allows you to design personalized training programs based on individual performance.

  • Helps improve training efficiency and effectiveness by identifying specific training zones.

  1. Assessment of Functional Capacity:

  • To evaluate the functional capacity and exercise tolerance of people with medical conditions.

  • Aids in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation by determining safe exercise capacity.

  1. Risks prevention:

  • Detects potential problems before they become serious during strenuous physical activities.

  • Provides a complete assessment of cardiovascular risk during


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