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Deporvidas Habits: for health, improvement of cardiovascular and metabolic performance

Start your morning by hydrating

There is nothing better than starting the morning by consuming 2 glasses of water before breakfast, recommended if they contain squeezed lemon. To provide good heart function and physical fitness, hydration is crucial and you should not wait until you are thirsty to hydrate. Knowing this, the question arises: How much should I consume throughout the day? And it is easy to answer, the following formula must be applied: your weight multiplied by 0.04. For example, if your weight is 65 kg. Multiplied by 0.04 gives us 2.6 liters of liquid per day, that is the minimum amount your body requires during the day. It is important to develop the habit of drinking only water, coffee and tea, at least at home. Avoiding the consumption of high-calorie beverages outside the sporting context

It is worth mentioning that, when exercising, you should increase your fluid consumption by 1 L. for every hour of intense activity, this way you ensure you stay hydrated and recover the electrolytes lost during physical activity. It is recommended to consume homemade gatorade, its preparation is simple and there are 2 ways to do it

1-Water + sea salt or Himalayan salt

2-Water + baking soda + lemon

Endurance athletes more than 1 hour: add 30 – 60 gr. Of carbohydrates. Ideal glucose/fructose in a 2:1 ratio.

The caffeine

Known as thermogenics, including coffee, are substances that can slightly help you lose fat, due to increasing total daily energy expenditure, reducing fatigue, helping you mobilize and use energy substrates (fat). If you want to learn more about coffee, its compounds and what effects it has on the body, I invite you to listen to our podcast: Cardiologists 360° - chapter 14 on the Apple Podcasts platform, Spotify, iBox, ITunes and YouTube, following this link: https ://

Eat healthy

The time to eat comes and it is important to know how to recognize healthy foods, accompanied by Sports Habits. Under the premise: if it isn't there, you won't eat it... (pastries, for example).

Have a shopping list and plan meals before going to the supermarket to avoid buying unhealthy foods. What is not good for you may not be good for your children either (pastries, sweets, among others). Hide in the back of the pantry those products that are most harmful or that you want to limit, or ideally do not buy.

Start the first meal of the day with a variety of options that suit your needs. Protein tries to always be present in the 3 daily intakes, but what is a protein? It is the most important macronutrient if you want to lose fat and increase muscle, due to its ability to satisfy you throughout the day and to preserve muscle mass, which will be compromised if you greatly reduce calorie intake on very restrictive diets. Some tips for foods rich in protein:

soluble fiber

Fiber is often related to constipation issues, especially soluble fiber, which is hydrated when it reaches the digestive tract and takes up a lot of space. This activates mechanoreceptors in your digestive system that signal satiety and decrease the desire to eat. Ideal if losing fat is among your plan. Should be avoided in high-intensity/duration sports contexts. We will see 5 foods with soluble fiber:

Include green smoothies in your diet, at least 2 to 3 times a week. Use vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli, carrots, chard and celery. Being able to add 1 fruit such as banana, pear, blueberries and plum. Fiber is often related to constipation issues, especially soluble fiber, which is hydrated when it reaches the digestive tract and takes up a lot of space. This activates mechanoreceptors in your digestive system that signal satiety and decrease the desire to eat. Ideal if losing fat is among your plan. Should be avoided in high intensity/duration sports contexts. We will see 5 foods with soluble fiber: 3 Soluble fiber Fruits are rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, which makes them very healthy. Additionally, some fruits, such as apples, oranges and strawberries, are very satiating due to their high fiber and water content. If you exercise intensely, prioritize fruits with a high antioxidant content such as blueberries, apples (with peel), grapes and strawberries. In short, fruits yes, but avoid excessive consumption, especially the sweetest ones.

Other satiating foods to eat

The satiety index (SI) is a measure that compares the ability of different foods to reduce appetite and energy intake in the short and long term. The 5 of the most satiating foods are:

Watermelon: 30 Cal. Strawberry: 32 Cal. Melon: 34 Cal. Peach: 39 Cal. Papaya: 43 Cal. Nectarine: 40 Cal. Plum: 46 Cal. Orange: 47 Cal.

Apart from being satiated, it is important that in the process of changing Deporvidas Habits you can reduce the consumption of flour, potato chips, white rice, sugars, highly processed energy drinks, chocolate (not pure), ice cream and alcohol. Don't forget that the diet must be not only healthy, but also sustainable. May you be able to follow the planning without suffering.

Substitute and you will win

Now 9 food substitutions that will without realizing it drastically reduce the calorie content of your diet.

Finally, change sugary soft drinks for zero soft drinks or water, and better if it is carbonated or Kombucha. Sometimes the size of your dishes can influence the amount of food you consume. Incorporate a 30-minute walk after eating. This will lower your glucose and improve your body composition.

Exercise and you will achieve your goals

Exercising consistently is very important at any age. For this reason, all health professionals recommend it. Performing physical activity helps you prevent diseases such as: heart problems, obesity, diabetes and cancer. In addition, it improves mood, self-esteem and reduces the possibility of developing disorders, such as depression and anxiety. For this reason, the need to modify the sedentary lifestyle is increasingly important. Start your intensity training progressively, daily for at least 30 to 45 minutes. If you don't get tired, it's no use! To do this, leaving your sports clothes ready the night before to go exercise early in the morning is the best way to start the change. Prioritize strength exercise, the older you are, the more strength you will need. Sometimes walking is not enough, unless you go up a hill. To the new Deporvidas Habit, add the act of giving thanks, it is incredible how the heart rate and blood pressure decrease, just by writing daily thanks. Add reflection, spend at least 5 to 10 minutes doing conscious abdominal breathing. Meditate and disconnect from the daily routine, avoiding negative and repetitive thoughts

Hypo-informative diet

Too much news may harm you more than help you. Watch what you let into your mind.

Rest your body needs it

It may surprise you, but sleep is necessary to lose fat. Many of us, due to the demands of everyday life, sleep less than our bodies need. This produces changes in your metabolism and hormones that in the long term translate into more weight and fat (and less muscle). Lack of sleep increases insulin resistance, increases your appetite for sweet things, and decreases your energy expenditure and physical activity. Create a sleep routine based on 7 hours every night. Sleep 30 minutes earlier than usual until you create a habit and it is quality. Consult your doctor to supplement and advise you on sleep hygiene, a fundamental pillar for health.

Reinforce your new habits

Analyze and observe your daily behavior carefully. Analyze what foods you eat, when you tend to be most hungry, what times you are most susceptible to eating trigger foods, what number of times you go out to eat; how many alcoholic drinks do you usually drink per week; whether you are really including fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities, or you are not doing so, whether you read food labels (especially the back of the packages) before buying, as well as a thousand other examples. We all have blind spots in our routine, most of us are complacent with ourselves and much of our behavior is unconscious. Being honest with yourself and developing this ability to tell yourself truths is crucial. Being as objective as possible and leaving aside unnecessary justifications is a first step; share Hábitos Deporvidas with everyone around you, family, neighbors, co-workers, and the community. Keep in mind that unhealthy foods harm you and also harm your children. Add healthy days to your year! And remember: always laugh, dance and have a lot of fun with family and friends.


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